Martin B-26F Marauder

The Martin B-26F saw the last major change to the design of the Marauder medium bomber, a 3.5 degrees increase in the angle of incidence of the wing, which was introduced to improve the aircraft's poor take-off performance. The main result of this change was an improvement in the aircraft's level cruise attitude. The change also reduced the aircraft's top speed to 277mph.

Prototype for
Douglas B-26F Marauder

The B-26F carried the same eleven 0.50in machine guns as the B-26C-55 – four in the fixed forward firing gun packs on the side of the fuselage, two in the dorsal turret, two guns in the tail turret, two in the waist positions and one flexibly mounted gun in the nose.

One hundred F-1s were produced for the USAAF (starting in February 1944) alongside 200 F-2s and F-6s which went to the RAF, where they were known as the Marauder III.

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