Martin B-26A Marauder

The Martin B-26A Marauder was the second production version of the aircraft. It differed from the B-26 in having the 0.30in nose and tail guns replaced with more powerful 0.50in guns, and by having the fittings for an auxiliary fuel tank in the aft bomb bay. This was designed to increase the ferrying range of the aircraft. Production of the B-26A began in October 1941 with thirty aircraft powered by the same Pratt & Whitney R-2800-5 Double Wasp engines as the B-26. Next came 52 similar aircraft built for the RAF, where they were known as the Marauder Mk I. These were followed by 109 B-26A-1s, which used the identically powered R-2800-39 engine. Production ended in April 1942. A number of the original B-26s were also given 0.50in nose and tail guns or the extra fuel tank, making the two models hard to identify without the serial numbers. 

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