Avenger Mk.III

The Avenger Mk.III was the British designation for the Eastern TBM-3 and TBM-3E from January 1944, replacing the earlier Tarpon III. It was armed with the .50in turret gun and two .50in wing guns and powered by the 1,900hp Wright R-2600-20 engine. The cockpit layout of the British Avenger I and II was retained, with a navigator in the second position under the greenhouse canopy, sitting just behind the pilot. As with all British Avengers the stinger gun was removed, so British -3s were similar to American -3Es. 222 Mk IIIs were received by the British.

The Avenger III arrived too late to serve in large numbers with the Fleet Air Arm. The TBM-3 appeared in American service at the start of 1945. Fleet Air Arm aircraft had to reach Britain and be modified by Blackburn Aircraft before joining the fleet, adding a further delay. No.854 Squadron (Illustrious) was operating the Mk.III by VJ Day, but the other active squadrons at that time were operating a mix of Avenger Is and IIs.

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