76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 02/30

The 76.22mm Divisional Gun Model 02/30 was an updated of the First World War era Model 00/02, and was still in service in large numbers during the Second World War.

The Model 00/02 was itself an updated version of the 76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 02, a Krupp design that was already obsolete when it entered service. The Model 00/02 was given a more modern recoil system, and had been the main Russian gun during the First World War.

By 1930 the Soviet Union was ready to modernise its large stock of old guns. A team led by W.N. Sidorenko produced the Model 02/30. The biggest change was an improvement to the box trail to allow the maximum elevation to go up from only 16 degrees to a much more useful 37 degrees. The modified gun could be fired with two different propelling charges. Some of the updated guns kept the original L/30 barrel, and gained a maximum range of 12,400m. Others were given a new L/40 barrel, which gave them a maximum range of 13,000m.

The Model 02/30 kept the original spoked wooden wheels of the Model 00/02. The recoil mechanism was carried in a circular cradle that was almost the same length as the L/30 barrel. It had a rectangular shield with a folding top section.

A significant number of Model 02/30s were captured by the Germans. They called the L/30 version the 7.62cm FK 295/1 (r) and the L/40 version the 7.62cm FK 295/2 (r). There were still 110 in use with the Germans on 1 March 1944.


76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 02/30
German: 7.6cm Divisionkanone Modell 1902/30


7.62cm (3in)

Barrel Length

2.196m (86.45in (L/30)

Weight for transport


Weight in action

1,350kg (2,977lb) (L/40)
1,320kg (2,910lb) (L/30)


-5 to +37 degrees


2 degrees 40 minutes

Shell Weight

6.4kg (14.11lb)

Muzzle Velocity

L/30 low charge: 455m/ sec (1,493 ft/ sec)
L/30 high charge: 635m/ sec (2,083 ft/sec)
L/40 low charge: 475m/ sec (1,558 ft/sec)
L/40 high charge: 680m/ sec (2,231 ft/ sec)

Maximum Range

L/30 low charge: 9,500m (10,393 yards)
L/30 high charge: 12,400m (13,565 yards)
L/40 low charge: 9,800m (10,720 yards)
L/40 high charge: 13,000m (14,222 yards)

Rate of Fire

20 rounds/ min

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