76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 00/02

The 76.2mm Divisional Gun Model 00/02 was the standard Russian field gun during the First World War, and a modified version was still in use in large numbers at the start of the Second World War.

In 1900 the Russians introduced the Model 00, a 76.2mm gun based on an older Krupp design. This used a sprung spade under the axle as its recoil system, and was badly outdated by the time it arrived.

In 1902 a new version was produced by the Putilov factory at St. Petersburg, the Model 00/02. This used a Krupp steel section trail and had a modern recoil system carried under the barrel. It was originally built with a gun shield, but this was often removed and replaced with two seats. Its range of 6,400m was similar to many of its rivals, although it was outranged by the best of the competition.

The Model 00/02 was produced in large numbers, but the Russians never had enough of them. The situation was made worse by the loss of large numbers of the guns that were captured by the Germans.

A large number of Model 00/02s were captured by the Germans. Many of these were converted into anti-aircraft weapons by mounting them on modified garrison mountings, with a rather odd pyramid shaped structure to raise the guns up, allowing them to be elevated far enough for use against aircraft.

The Model 00/02 remained in production after the Revolution. In 1930 a modification programme began, resulting in the 76.2mm Field Gun Model 02/30.

Enough of the original Model 00/02 were still in service in 1941 to equip several artillery batteries of the Red Army, and it was also in service in Finland and Romania. The Germans captured a number of these weapons, and put them into service as the 7.72cm leFK 294(r).


76.2mm Field Gun Model 00/02


76.2mm (3in)

Barrel Length

2.286m (90in) (L/30)

Weight for transport

1,965kg (4,332lb)

Weight in action

1,040kg (2,293lb)


-5 to +16 degrees


5.5 degrees

Shell Weight

6.5kg (14.33lb) Crowood text
7.45kg (16.43lb) Fact File 

Muzzle Velocity

588m (1,929ft)

Maximum Range

6,400m (7,000 yards) Crowood text
8,750m (9,572 yards) WWII Fact Files

Rate of Fire


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