28cm neue Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)

The 28cm K(E) ‘neue Bruno’ was the last of four models of railway gun produced by mounting old naval guns on railway carriages. It was an attempt to produce a weapon that was more powerful than the ‘short’, ‘long’ and ‘heavy’ Brunos,

The ‘neue Bruno’ had the longest barrel of any of the ‘Bruno’ guns, giving it a maximum range of 46.6km, a great improvement on the earlier three models. However this was still somewhat behind the newly constructed 28cm K5(E), which could reach around 60km.

The ‘neue Bruno’ had a new and more modern carriage, and used hydraulic power for the elevation and loading systems. The recoil cylinders were carried below the rectangular outer barrel housing. The carriage was carried on two six axle bogies, and the carriage ended over the centre of the bogies, unlike on the older models, where there was some overlap.

Three were produced - one in 1940 and two in 1941.


28cm K(E) ‘neue Bruno’



Barrel Length

16.40m (L/58)

Weight for transport


Weight in action

150 tons


To 50 degrees


1 degree on carriage
360 degrees on turntable

Shell Weight


Muzzle Velocity

860m/ sec

Maximum Range


Rate of Fire

10 rounds/ hour

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