28cm schwere Bruno Kanone (Eisenbahn)

The 28cm ‘Schwere Bruno’ (Heavy Bruno) was the third of four models of railway gun loosely modelled on the First World War 28cm ‘Bruno’ railway guns.

The Schwere Bruno was armed with a 11.93m long L/42 gun, placing it between the L/40 of the ‘short’ Bruno and the L/45 of the ‘long’ Bruno. Two were produced in 1937-38. They were allocated to railway gun battery 689.

The Schwere Bruno used the same carriage as the ‘short’ and ‘long’ models. This was carried on two five axle bogies. The carriage was built around two large side plates, narrow at each end and bulging towards the gun mount in the centre.

The schwere Bruno was normally fired from a Vögele turntable, which allowed it to traverse through 360 degrees while being carried on a special flatbed carriage, which was itself mounted on a circular track.

The schwere Bruno actually had a better performance than the ‘Lange Bruno’, despite having a shorter barrel. It had a higher muzzle velocity, and a significantly superior maximum range of around 22 miles.


28cm Shwere Bruno (‘Heavy Bruno)



Barrel Length

11.93m/ L/42

Weight for transport


Weight in action

118 tons





Shell Weight

284kg/ 626lb

Muzzle Velocity


Maximum Range

35,400m/ 22 miles

Rate of Fire


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