American Civil War Timeline 1865


The unconquered Confederacy now consists of North and South Carolina and Alabama.

13-15 January 1865: Capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina

Union victory that finally isolated Wilmington, the last southern port capable of helping Lee’s army.

1 February 1865:

Sherman’s army leaves Savannah to begin its march through South Carolina, more significant and longer than his March to the Sea.

17 February 1865

Sherman’s army capture Columbia, the state capital of South Carolina.

2 March 1865: Battle of Waynesborough, Virginia

Final destruction of Early’s army of the Shenandoah by a force led by George Custer.

16 March 1865: Battle of Averasborough, North Carolina

Confederate delaying action whose main significance was that it told the Confederates that Shermans’ army was split into two wings, with a twelve mile gap.

19 March 1865: Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina

Confederate attempt to defeat one wing of Sherman’s army before the other wing could come to its assistance. The attempt failed, and two days later Union reinforcements forced a Confederate retreat.

25 March 1865

Confederate attack on Fort Stedman in the Richmond/ Petersburg line, repulsed after initial successes. Results in the weakening of the Confederate line to the point where Lee orders the evacuation of the line, and with it Richmond.

1 April 1865: Battle of Five Forks, Virginia

A Confederate force guarding a key crossroads was overwhelmed by Sheridan’s cavalry. The defeat showed Grant that the Confederate army was starting to collapse.

2 April 1865

Confederate troops evacuate Richmond after a Union attack by both the armies in the area.

3 April 1865

Capture of Richmond, the Confederate capitol, and Petersburg, long besieged. Lincoln visits Petersburg then moves on to Richmond.

6 April 1865: Battle of Saylor’s Creek, Virginia

As Lee’s army begins to dissolve, one quarter of it was cut off by Union forces. 6,000 Confederates surrendered.

7 April 1865

With his army dissolving around him, Lee receives a note from Grant asking him to surrender. Lee begins to consider it.

9 April 1865

Last attack by Lee’s army, an attempt to break out from Appomattox Courthouse. The failure of the last attack finally persuaded Lee that he has to surrender.

19 April 1865

President Lincoln lies in state in the White House.

10 May 1865

Jefferson Davis captured in Georgia, on his way to Texas.

23-24 May 1865

200,000 men from the Army of the Potomac and Sherman’s Army of Georgia march in review through Washington.

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