Field Marshal Ferdinand Bubna, Graf von Litic, 1768-1826

Ferdinand Bubna Graf von Litic (1768-1826) was an Austrian general who served as adjutant-general for much of the Napoleonic Wars before getting a field command in 1813, fighting at Dresden, Leipzig and in Savoy.

Bubna first saw active service against the Turks in 1788. He served as adjutant-general for the Austrian Army for part of the Napoleonic Wars, and was promoted to Feldmarshall-Leutnant after the battle of Wagram.

In 1813 he undertook a number of diplomatic missions in France. He then commanded a light division in the advance guard of the Army of Bohemia.

He fought at Dresden and at Leipzig (16-19 October 1813). On 18 October his division was part of Bennigsen's third column. He led an advance towards Paunsdorf, where late in the day the Saxon contingent in Napoleon's army changed sides.

In late December 1813 he had command of an Austrian army 12,000 strong that captured Geneva and then in January 1813 invaded northern Savoy. In February Bubna was pushed back by Marsahl Augereau and retreated to Geneva. This was a short-lived setback and in March the Austrians launched a new offensive, occupying all of Savoy by April. In the following month the first Treaty of Paris returned most of Savoy to Sardinia.

During the Hundred Days Marshal Suchet invaded Savoy, defeating the Sardinians. Bubna, now in command of a 30,000 strong Austrian and Sardinian army, invaded Savoy in late June, and by early July had pushed the French back out.

After the war he was appointed Governor of Lombardy.

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