Combat of Forcoin, 3 June 1800

The combat of Forcoin (3 June 1800) was a minor French victory during the fighting in the maritime Alps in 1800 that saw the Austrians forced out of a position in the mountains east of the Roya River.

On 1-2 June the Austrian line in the Roya had been broken, and Generals Bellegarde and Ulm had been forced destroy their artillery and retreat into the mountains, taking up a new position on the heights of Forcoin and Baracon, two foothills of the mountains of Roya (combat of Breglio).

On 3 June Rochambeau and Brunet attacked the new Austrian positions and forced them to retreat yet again. The leading French troops even crossed the mountains to Pigna.

The Austrian commander, Elsnitz, was forced to retreat even further away from his best line of retreat across the Col de Tende, moved across the mountains to Ormea, and then on to Ceva, arriving with just over 6,000 men. 

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