Combat of Beinette, 14 October 1799

The combat of Beinette (14 October 1799) was one of a minor actions fought around Cuneo as the French under Championnet attempted to stop the Austrians attacking the city, which was their last stronghold on the northern Italian plains.

On 11 October Championnet moved his headquarters into Cuneo. At this point the village of Beinette, four miles to the east, was part of the line of advanced Austrian posts. On 13 October Victor captured the village, but Melas was determined to retain it.

On eight in the morning of 14 October an Austrian force of six battalions and 500 cavalry, under General Mitrowsky, attacked the village and retook it. The French, still under Victor, made two or three attempts to recapture the village, but each time were fought off. During one of these attacks a large part of a French battalion was captured. The fighting was only ended by nightfall. French losses may have have been as high as 1,000 including the captured battalion, while the Austrians lost 200-300 men.

The fighting around Cuneo that convinced Championnet that he needed to fight a major action before winter ended the campaign. The resulting battle of Genola (4 November 1799) was fought on the plains to the north of Cuneo, and was a major Austrian victory that left Cuneo exposed to siege.

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