Armies of the Battle of Albuera, 16 May 1811

Allied Army

British Forces
Portuguese Forces
Spanish Forces: Blake
Spanish Forces: Castaños

French Forces

see also: Battle of Albuera

British Forces: Marshal Beresford

2nd Division: William Stewart
Colborne's Brigade
1/3rd Foot
2/31st Foot
2/48th Foot
2/66th Foot
Total Strength: 100 officers and 1,966 men
Hoghton's Brigade
29th Foot
1/48th Foot
1/57th Foot
Total Strength: 95 officers and 1,556 men
Abercrombie's Brigade
2/28th Foot
2/34th Foot
2/39th Foot
Total Strength: 89 officers and 1,508 men
Divisional Light Troops
3 companies from 5/60th Foot
Total Strength: 4 officers and 142 men
Total Strength: 288 officers and 5,172 men
4th Division: Galbraith Lowery Cole
Myer's Brigade
1/7th Fusiliers
2/7th Fusiliers
1/23 R.W. Fusiliers
Total Strength: 96 officers and 1,919 men
Kemmis's Brigade
One company each from
2/27th Foot
1/40th Foot
97th Foot
Total Strength: 8 officers and 157 men
Total Strength: 104 officers and 2,076 men
Alten's Independent Brigade
1st Light Battalion, King's German Legion
2nd Light Battalion, King's German Legion
Total Strength: 42 officers and 1,056 men
Cavalry: Lumley
De Grey's Brigade
3rd Dragoon Guards
4th Dragoons
Total Strength: 53 officers and 708 men
13th Light Dragoons
Total Strength: 23 officers and 380 men
Total Strength: 76 officers and 1,088 men
Lefebure's Battery
Hawker's Battery
Total Strength: 9 officers and 246 men
King's German Legion
Cleeves' Battery
Sympher's Battery
Total Strength: 10 officers and 282 men
Total Strength: 19 officers and 548 men
Total British Strength: 529 officers and 9,920 men

Portuguese Troops under Beresford

Harvey's Brigade of the 4th Division
11th Regiment (2 battalions)
23rd Regiment (2 battalions)
1st Battalian, Loyal Lusitanian Legion
Total Strength: 2927
Hamilton's Division
2nd Line (2 battalions)
14th Line (2 battalions)
4th Line (2 battalions)
10th Line (2 battalions)
Total Strength: 4819
Collin's Brigade
5th Line (2 battalions)
5th Caçadores (1 battalion)
Total Strength: 1,385
1st Regiment
7th Regiment
5th Regiment (1 squadron)
8th Regiment (1 squadron)
Total Strength: 849
Arriaga's Battery
Braun's Battery
Total Strength: 221
Total Portuguese Strength: 10,201 officers and men

Spanish Forces: General Joachim Blake

Vanguard Division: Lardizabal
Murcia (2 battalions)
Canaria (2 battalions)
2nd of Leon
Campo Mayor
Total Strength: 107 officers and 2,291 men
3rd Division: General Francisco Ballesteros
1st of Catalonia
Cangas de Tineo
Total Strength: 154 officers and 3,371 men
4th Division: Zayas
2nd and 4th Spanish Guards
Legion Estranjera
4th Walloon Guards
Ciudad Real
Total Strength: 197 officers and 4,685 men
Cavalry: Loy
Husares de Castilla
Escuardron de Instruction
Total Strength: 93 officers and 1,072 men
One Battery
Total Strength: 7 officers and 96 men
Blake's Total Strength: 558 officers and 11,515 men /

Spanish Forces: General Francisco Xavier Castaños

Infantry: Carlos de España
3 battalions:
Voluntarios de Navarra
1 company of sappers
Total Strength: 57 officers and 1,721 men
Cavalry: Penne Villemur
Detachments from seven different regiments, each one squadron or smaller
Total Strength: 87 officers and 634 men
One battery
Total Strength: 4 officers and 58 men
Castaños's Total Strength: 148 officers and 2,413 men

French Forces: Marshal Soult

5th Corps
1st Division: Girard
34th Line (2nd and 3rd battalions)
40th Line (1st and 2nd battalions)
64th Line (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
88th Line (2nd and 3rd battalions)
Strength: 129 officers and 4125 men
2nd Division: Gazan
21st Léger (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
100th Line (1st and 2nd battalions)
28th Léger (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
103rd Line (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
Strength: 176 officers and 4,007 men
Other Infantry
Werlé's Brigade
12th Leger (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
55th Line (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
58th Line (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
Strength: 175 officers and 5,446 men
Godinot's Brigade
16th Leger (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
51st Line (1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions)
Strength: 116 officers and 3,810 men
Grenediers Réunis
45th Line
63rd Line
95th Line
4th Polish Regiment
Strength: 33 officers and 1,000 men
Strength of Infantry: 627 officers and 18,388 men
Cavalry: Latour-Maubourg
Briche's Brigade
2nd Hussars
10th Hussars
21st Chasseurs
Strength: 68 officers and 755 men
Bron's Brigade
4th Dragoons
20th Dragoons
26th Dragoons
Strength: 70 officers and 1,023 men
Bouvier de Éclats's Brigade
14th Dragoons
17th Dragoons
27th Dragoons
Strength: 48 officers and 831 men
Unattached Cavalry
1st Lancers of the Vistual
27th Chasseurs
4th Spanish Chasseurs
Strength: 64 officers and 1,153 men
Strength of Cavalry: 250 officers and 3,762 men
Artillery Génie Train
Strength of Artillery: 43 officers and 1,190 men
Total French Strength: 920 officers and 23,340 men
A History of the Peninsular War vol.4: December 1810-December 1811 - Massena's Retreat, Fuentos de Onoro, Albuera, Tarragona, Sir Charles Oman. The main focus of this fourth volume in Oman's history of the Peninsular War is the year long duel between Wellington and the French on the borders of Portugal, which saw the British make a series of attacks across the border, most of which were repulsed by strong concentrations of French troops. Despite the apparent lack of progress, this was the period that saw the French lose the initiative to Wellington.
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