Country Index: Scotland


Wars and Treaties

Berwick, Peace of (18 June 1639)
Bishop's War, First (1639)
Bishop's War, Second (1640)
English Civil War, first (1642-6)
English Civil War, Second (1648)
Jacobite Revolt, First (the '15)
Jacobite Revolt, Second (the 45)
Ripon, Treat of (26 October 1640)


Alford, battle of, 2 July 1645 (Scotland)
Alnwick, battle of, 1093
Alnwick, battle of, 1174
Bannockburn, battle of, 1314
Benburb, battle of, 5 June 1646 (Ireland)
Culloden, battle of, 16 April 1746 (Scotland)
Dunbar, battle of, 1296
Dundalk, 1318 (Ireland)
Dupplin Muir, battle of, 1332
Falkirk, battle of, 1298
Flodden, battle of, 1513
Halidon Hill, battle of, 1333
Homildon Hill, battle of, 1402
Marston Moor, battle of, 2 July 1644
Mons Graupius, battle of, 83
Myton, 1319
Nechtansmere, 20 May 685
Neville's Cross, battle of, 17 October 1346
Philiphaugh, battle of, 13 September 1645 (Scotland)
Ruthven, battle of, 20 June 1306
Sheriff Muir, battle of, 13 November 1715 (Scotland)
Standard, battle of the, 22 August 1138
Stirling Bridge, battle of, 11 September 1297
Tippermuir, battle of, 1 September 1644
Otterburn, battle of, 5 August 1388
Verneuil, battle of, 17 August 1424


Albany, John Stuart, 2nd Duke of, 1481/4-1536
Alencon, Charles IV, Duke of 1489-1525
Argylle, John Campbell, second duke of Argylle (1678-1743)
Baillie, William, Scottish general
Buchan, John Stewart third earl of, 1380-1424
Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender (1720-1788)
Charles I, 1600-1649, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1625-1649)
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658, Lord Protector
Cumberland, William Augustus, duke of (1721-1765)
Douglas, Archibald, earl of Wigtown, fifth earl of Douglas, c.1391-1439
George II (1683-1760), king of Great Britain and Ireland (1727-1760)
James Edward Stuart, the old Pretender (1688-1766)
Mar, John Erskine, earl of Mar (1675-1732)
Montrose, James Graham, 1st Marquess of (1612-1650)
Morgan, Thomas, Sir (d.1679
Ormonde, James Butler, second duke of, 1665-1745
Ranken, Harry Sherwood, VC MB ChB MRCP 1883-1914
Stewart, John, third earl of Buchan, 1380-1424
Stewart, Sir John, Lord of Darnley, c.1380-1429
Stuart, John, 2nd Duke of Albany, 1481/4-1536
Wigtown, Archibald Douglas, earl of, fifth earl of Douglas, c.1391-1439

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