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Bayonets for Hire - Mercenaries at War, 1550-1789, William Urban. A history of warfare that covers the period of the European Wars of Religion, the wars of Louis XIV and the near constant conflicts of the Eighteenth Century, with a general focus on the role of the mercenary, although with a fairly broad definition that includes the multinational officer corps of the period. A useful book that includes the less familiar conflicts in Eastern Europe as well as the more familiar conflicts in Western Europe [read full review]
Words of War - Speeches that Inspired Heroic Deeds, Anthony Weldon. A selection of extracts from speeches and other quotes about war, mainly from military or political leaders, but with a scattering of other figures and a section of fictional extracts. A wide ranging selection with a mix of long extracts and short quotes, giving a good idea of the nature of each of the chosen figures. [read full review]
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Midget Ninja & Tactical Laxatives - Bizarre Warfare Through the Ages, Philip Sidnell. A look at some of the more unusual aspects of military history, from the oddest of weapons to the peculiar behaviour of military leaders, with enough variety to ensure that anything familiar is followed by something new. [read full review]
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War: From Ancient Egypt to Iraq, ed. Saul David. A massive and beautifully illustrated look at the history of war from the earliest recorded battles to the recent conflict in Iraq. By focusing on the most significant wars the authors have been able to produce a more readable book than is normal in this genre, and the wide scope of the book means that every reader should find something that is new to them. [read full review]
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The Soldier: A History of Courage, Sacrifice and Brotherhood, Darren Moore. A study of the life of the soldier, based on first hand accounts and interviews from the Napoleonic Wars to the current wars in Afghanistan and Ira, and a valuable insight into the often devastating mental and physical cost of war to the soldiers on the front line. Moore's work serves as a valuable reminder that war should always be the last resort. [read full review]
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