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Mongol Warrior vs European Knight – Eastern Europe 1237-42, Stephen Turnbull. An excellent study of the Mongol invasion of Poland and Hungary in 1241, looking at their famous victories at Liegnitz and Muhi as well as their failures at Esztergom and Székesfehérvár. Despite the title, this book serves as a good history of the overall campaign, with a focus on the Knights on the Hungarian and Polish sides, with good accounts of the main battles but also an examination of the overall campaign and the wider performance of the armies involved (Read Full Review)
The Knights of Islam – the Wars of the Mamluks, 1250-1517, James Waterson. Looks at the fascinating story of the Mamluk rulers of Egypt and Syria, who were responsible both for ending the existence of the last Crusader states, and defeating the Mongols just as they threatened to conquer the heartlands of Islam, before themselves being defeated by the rising power of the Ottomans. Looks at both the Mamluk as a soldier, at their peak amongst the best trained and most dedicated soldiers ever seen, and the Mamluk dynasty itself, which despite its achievements was often riven by discord and fierce political rivalries (Read Full Review)
The Mongol Conquests - The Military Operations of Genghis Khan and Sübe'etei, Carl Fredrik Sverdrup. A detailed examination of the campaigns of the two greatest Mongol military leaders, using a wide range of sources, including previously un-translated Chinese materials. Gives a clear picture of the true nature of the Mongol conquests, from Genghis's own establishment of power in Mongolia to the invasions of Western Europe and northern China. Not always the easiest of reads (mainly because of the complexity of the story), but a very valuable contribution to our understanding of the rise of the Mongols. [read full review]
Medieval Warfare Vol VI, Issue 6: A Scourge from the Steppes - The Mongol invasion of EuropeMedieval Warfare Vol V, Issue 6: A Scourge from the Steppes - The Mongol invasion of EuropeFocuses on the destructive impact of the Mongols, looking at their invasions of Poland and Russia, their weapons and armour, the family of Genghis Khan, and the first Christian mission to reach the Mongol court at Karakorum. Away from the main theme covers Scandinavian honour systems, the Merovingian armies and the practical impact of Vegetius in the Middle Ages.   [see more]
Defending Heaven - China's Mongol Wars 1209-1370, James Waterson. Focuses on the Song Dynasty's long battles with northern nomads, their final destruction by the Mongols after a fierce struggle, the short-lived Mongol Yuan dynasty and its overthrow by the rebels who eventually formed the Ming Dynasty. This is a splendid account of a complex but critical period of Chinese history. [read full review]
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The Mongol Invasion of Japan 1274 and 1281, Stephen Turnbull. A high quality and beautifully illustrated account of the two Mongol invasions of Japan, drawing on Japanese, Korean, Mongol and Chinese sources and modern archaeology, to paint a detailed picture of a key moment in Japanese history. [read full review]
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Turnbull, Mongol WarriorThe Mongol Warrior, Stephen Turnbull, Osprey, 2003, 64 pages. Written by the leading expert on this period of Asian warfare in the West Dr Stephen Turnbull. The Mongols were one of the best armies in History and often misunderstood by people in the west, this book goes a long way to shedding some light on them [see more]
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The Mongols , S.R.Turnbull & Angus McBride (Illustrator), a good value and well illustrated general history of the Mongols, one of histories most efficient military forces.
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