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Marlborough: His Life and Times, Book 1, Winston S. Churchill, 2003 reissue, 1050 pages. One of Churchill's great historical works, written to restore the fame and reputation of his most famous ancestor. This two volume edition contains the entire text, written while Churchill was in the political wilderness during the 1930s.
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Marlborough: His Life and Times, Book 2, Winston S. Churchill, 2002 reissue, 1080 pages. The second half of this two volume reissue of Winston Churchill's great biography of his ancestor.
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The Second World War: I: The Gathering Storm, Winston S. Churchill. The first volume of one of the classic histories of the Second World War. Churchill was close to the centre of many of the events covered in this book, although he did not become Prime Minister until the very end of the period covered. The first half of this book looks at the rise of Hitler and the road to war, while the second half covers the invasion of Poland, the Phoney War and the campaign in Norway, before finishing with the events that took Churchill into No. 10 [see more]
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Churchill, Gathing StormThe Second World War: III: The Grand Alliance, Winston S. Churchill. Book Three of Churchill's grand history of the Second World War covers the events of 1941. Britain started the year fighting alone against Hitler's Germany, but ended it as part of the Grand Alliance with the United States and the Soviet Union. Despite this generally positive theme, this was a dark period, with Pearl Harbor and the rapid Japanese conquests in the east, and massive German gains in Russia [see more].
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