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Courage After the Battle – Peter Jackson-Lee. A thought provoking look at the long term impact of combat on military veterans, how they cope, and the various systems in place in help. Written by an ex-Royal Marine and Falklands veteran, and covers an impressively wide range of subjects, from the basics of evacuation to the treatments of the many wounds suffered, to the non-physical problems suffered by many veterans. Each section includes a historical survey, looking at how things have changed over the last century or so. A book that will be of great value for anyone trying to understand the long term impact of combat on Britain’s veterans, both civilian and veteran (Read Full Review)
The Hero Inside (Help for Heroes), Gill Shaw. An officially authorised book in support of Help for Heroes. A thought-provoking and, at times, emotional record of the experiences and traumas both on the battlefield and at home and is a tribute to our Armed Forces and those who support them on their return(
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The Battle of Hastings, 1066 , M.K. Lawson, Tempus, 2002. A comprehensive study of the battle and the buildup, with a good section on the surviving sources. The account of the battle itself gives a good summary of the different interpretations of the battle that have appeared over the years.
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