Landing Craft & Amphibians – Seaborne Vessels in the 20th Century, Ben Skipper

Landing Craft & Amphibians – Seaborne Vessels in the 20th Century, Ben Skipper

This book covers a very large topic in a fairly small space - everything from the smallest infantry landing craft up to the massive Landing Ship Tanks, and a time span that stretches from the Allied defeat at Gallipoli, through the inter-war attempts to design purpose built landing craft, into the massive outburst of building during the Second World War and on to the slower developments of the post-war period. 

As a result we don’t get much detail about any individual type of landing craft. However this does mean we get a very good overview of the full range of craft in each category, which I find rather useful, especially when trying to identify an individual type from a photograph. This also demonstrates just how much effort the Allies in particular put into developing and improving their landing craft.

Some of the later chapters are very short – ‘In Detail’ and ‘In Service and in Action’ in particular. The modelling showcase is rather longer, with an impressive array of very well built and painted models on display. The model review chapter takes a different approach to normal, and is organised by company, so looks at all the landing craft models made by Airfix or Trumpter in a single go, rather than all of the models of an LCM or LST.

Despite the vast topic, I found this to be a useful overview to the topic, with a great deal that will be of value to the modellers. Many of these vessels are too obscure to get a similar book to themselves, so this approach gives them some value coverage.

Design and Development
Landing Craft Variants
Landing Craft in Detail
In Service and in Action
Camouflage and Markings
Model Showcase
Modelling Products

Author: Ben Skipper
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2022

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