World War II Tactical Camouflage Techniques, Gordon L. Rottman

World War II Tactical Camouflage Techniques, Gordon L. Rottman

This is a fascinating little on a subject which impacted on all armies involved in the conflict, focusing on European and the Med war zones in all seasons (so no Japanese or jungle patterns) It’s a surprisingly interesting read and a great resource for war gamers, model makers and re-enactors.

As you would expect from an Osprey elite  book it is lavishly illustrated with colour illustrations by the superb Peter Dennis and filled with period black and white photos which really bring the subject to life. Particularly interesting for modellers are the illustrations of gun emplacements and samples of vehicle camo. For the re-enactors the page on hermit camo and the section on face camo is a must.

One of the most interesting sections is about camo methods that not just didn’t work but actually made a vehicle more visible especially when painted on wheels or other moving parts.

It covers the technical theories of camouflage and concealment and light and shade and how that affects camouflage. The book looks at the materials used and covers the issues of netting and use of local materials in depth. Movement and the use of decoys as well as concealment from the air is also covered.

The down side is that this book just scratches the surface of a huge subject and although is great introduction it does serve to just wet your appetite to learn more. I would highly recommend having this book on your shelf if you are a modeller, war gamer or historical reenactor or even an airsoft player wishing to learn more about some practical tips

Principles of Camouflage
Camouflage materials
Individual Camouflage
Vehicle Camouflage
Camouflaging gun positions
Further reading

Author: Gordon L. Rottman
Edition: Softcover
Pages: 64
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2013

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