Lancaster: A Bombing Legend, Nick Radell and Mike Vines

Lancaster: A Bombing Legend, Nick Radell and Mike Vines

This a a beautifully photographed tribute to the Avro Lancaster, packed with full colour photos of surviving aircraft. The most impressive pictures feature the aircraft in flight, showing off its distinctive profile to best advantage. The set of pictures showing the Lancaster in the company of the rest of the Battle of Britain flight give a really good feel for the relative scale of these classic aircraft.

The book contains a section of close-up pictures of the Lancaster, looking at the cockpit, bomb bay, guns and controls, invaluable for anyone looking to model the Lancaster.

The final chapter of the book pays tribute to the original crews of the Lancaster, and the enthusiasts who maintain the small number of surviving aircraft.

Author: Nick Radell and Mike Vines
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 1996

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