Eating for Victory, Jill Norman

Eating for Victory, Jill Norman

This volume is a collection of food information leaflets issued in Britain during the Second World War. It contains a wide range of leaflets, from simple collections of recipes to advice on nutrition. Some concentrate on using wartime ingredients such as dried eggs, while focus on how to make the best of small quantities of things that were in short supply, such as sugar.

One of the more appealing features of this book is that it is actually useful! Much of the general advice is still relevant, while many of the recipes actually look worth trying, partly because many of them are simple and use a limited range of standard ingredients. I have every intention of trying out some of the cake and biscuit recipes myself. One or two even have an unexpectedly modern feel to them - I certainly didn't expect to find instructions on making a Mocha Whip.

These leaflets provide a fascinating picture of a crucial aspect of life on the home front during the Second World War and I recommend them to anyone with an interest in life during the war (or who simply wants to try out some of the famous wartime recipes).

Author: Foreword by Jill Norman
Edition: Hardback
Pages: 159
Publisher: Michael O'Mara
Year: 2007

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