Large Scale Warship Models – from Kits to Scratch Building, Kerry Jang

Large Scale Warship Models – from Kits to Scratch Building, Kerry Jang

This book is a guide to the world of very large warship models – probably the largest type of models produced in any significant numbers, with the largest battleships coming out at almost three meters long! The implications of producing a model at 1:96 scale become clear when you look at the gallery of example builds and realise that normal sized commercially produced model helicopters can be used as the ship-borne aircraft on some of these models! The book is copiously illustrated with pictures of these massive models – some under construction, some showing the final result, and all very impressive!

Of course the key question for a book of this type is would it be useful for someone attempting to build a model on this scale? I have built smaller models, but only from kits, and never on anything even approaching this scale, or with this level of detail, which probably places me in the target audience, and for me the book does look to contain plenty of useful information. The basic structure is good – starting with a look at the options available for the modeller and the tools you would require (lots of them, including some that you would never need for ‘normal’ modelling), before moving onto a stage by stage  guide to how to set about actually building one of these models.

The emphasis here is on the techniques you need – how to make sure the hull is the right shape, comparing the kit parts to plans, how to produce the extra elements required etc, rather than on detailed instructions on how to build one particular ship. Some of these sections, such as the part on giving them remote controlled engines and rudders, are pretty technical, and others are impressively committed, such as making your own moulds to cast your own parts! There is also plenty of useful technical information, such as a list of the various types of glue available, what they can be used for, and what they damage, with many more glues than I knew existed!

1 – The Why’s of Large-scale Model Warships
2 – What’s Out There?
3 – Tools of the Trade
4 – The Hull and Running Gear
5 – Underdecks and Decks
6 – Radio Control Installation and Completing the Deck
7 – Superstructures and Deck Houses
8 – Fittings and Details
9 – Painting
10 – Final Assembly and Finishing Touches
11 – Gallery

Author: Kerry Jang
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 110
Publisher: Seaforth
Year: 2019

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