Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, William J. Hardee

Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics, William J. Hardee

For the Exercise and Maneuvers of Troops When Acting As Light Infantry or Riflemen

Hardee' Tactics was the standard textbook of infantry tactics for both sides during the American Civil War. It was written by William Hardee while he was an instruction at West Point. Hardee himself went on to be a competent corps commander on the Confederate side during the war.

The Civil War saw a unprecedented increase in the size of American armies. Both Confederate and Union armies soon ran out of suitable West Point graduates. Most officers on both sides entered the army from civilian life, with little of no previous experience, so Hardee's Tactics was essential reading for all serious new officers, wanting to discover exactly what it was they would be expected to do.

Author: William J. Hardee
Edition: Paperback
Publisher: Michigan Historical Reprint Series
Year: William J. Hardee

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