Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War I, Norman L.R. Franks

Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War I, Norman L.R. Franks

Aircraft of the Aces

The Sopwith Triplane is one of the less well known British fighters of the First World War. It served in four RNAS squadrons from late 1916 through the fierce air battles of 1917. This limited deployment allows Frank to follow the fortunes of all four squadrons in some detail, giving us a great overview of the service career of this aircraft. Like every book in the Aircraft of the Aces series this book gives us real insight into what the Sopwith Triplane was like to fly, and the daily experiences of the young men fighting in them over the Western Front.

The accounts of aerial combat are broken up by thirteen pages of colour illustrations, with a good selection of contemporary photographs of the aircraft and its pilots.

The book is rounded off by a series of appendixes that give a complete list of all Triplane aces, as well as those aces who achieved victories in the Triplane. To provide the German side of the picture, we get a list of all Triplanes lost during the war. There is also a list of the small number of Triplanes used by the French Navy. Finally, there is a set of good quality

Author: Norman L.R. Franks
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2004

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