The British Army 1939-1945 Pt.2: North Africa and Italy, Martin J. Brayley

The British Army 1939-1945 Pt.2: North Africa and Italy, Martin J. Brayley

Men-at-Arms 368

This book is part of a three volume set that is designed to be used together to give an overall picture of the British army during the Second World War. Volume one looks at the British Army in Western Europe, and provides most of the information on the overall structure of the army as well as the standard battle dress while Volume three concentrates entirely on the fighting in the Far East and the special equipment needed in the jungle.

This volume concentrates on the fighting in the Mediterranean Theatre. It starts with an unusually large campaign summary for an entry in the Men at Arms series, reflecting the complexity of the war in this theatre - even counting the entire course of the war in North Africa as one campaign, Brayley still lists ten separate campaigns, with fighting in North Africa, the Middle East, Ethiopia, Somalia, Greece, Malta, Italy and the south of France. For most of the war the only places the British Army was in direct contact with the German Army were around the Mediterranean.

This campaign summary is followed by a look at the British artillery, focusing mainly on the guns themselves, and relevant to the every theatre of the war.

Finally Brayley looks at the uniforms and equipment that were specific to the various Mediterranean theatres, supported by eight pages of colour illustrations. This section will be of great use to modellers.

Author: Martin J. Brayley, illustrations by Mike Chappell
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 48
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2002

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