Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, ed. Ned Bradford

Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Ned Bradford (editor)

Less than twenty years after the end of the American Civil War Century Magazine managed to persuade almost all of the surviving commanders to contribute a total of over 350 articles on just about every aspect of the war. Originially published in four volumes, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War is an invaluable source for anyone who wants to read first hand accounts of the war without wading through dozens of volumes of autobiography. Very few of the main commanders are missing - Lee had already died, some like Sheridan were about to publish their own works, but otherwise most viewpoints are represented.

This selection, first picked out in 1956, includes chapters by Generals Beauregard, Grant, McClellan, Pope, Longstreet, Hood and Early as well as many less well known participants in the war. From the first shots at Fort Sumter to Lee's farewell message to his troops at Appomattox the extracts cover just about every major event of the war. Many of the most important battles are covered from both Confederate and Union viewpoints (Antietam is covered by three entries, Gettysburg by five).

Author: Various
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 640
Publisher: Plume (reprint)
Year: 1989 (reprint, originally 1956)

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