A Military Atlas of the First World War , Arthur Banks

A Military Atlas of the First World War, Arthur Banks

One of the best books of maps I've seen about any war. With 250 separate maps, you get something on just about every aspect of the war, from the familiar Western Front to the Zeppelin raids over Britain, through to the campaigns in the Middle East and beyond.

The maps in this book are very detailed. This means that they often don't give a clear first impression of a battle or concept, but if you have the time to look at them properly, then you will get far more information out of this book than from many other military atlases.

One of the advantages of this sort of book is that the maps present their information without the judgment calls that have become so common in books on the Great War. Used in conjuction with one of the narrative histories (we suggest Keegans), this book will give you a very good grasp of the events of the war, and allow you to start drawing your own conclusions.

Author: Arthur Banks
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 340
Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Ltd
Year: 2001