Shenyang JJ-5

This is a Chinese built aircraft which like most Chinese aircraft until recently was based on a Soviet design. Chinese aircraft classification is simple, using place and function to name aircraft, so the Shenyang JJ-5 was built in Shenyang, a factory originally built by the Japanese, later rebuilt with Russian help. This is one of the biggest Chinese aircraft plants. JJ stands for Jianjiji Jiaoliannji which is loosely translated as fighter training aircraft.  The JJ-5 combines elements from MiG-15 and MiG-17F aircraft to create a unique hybrid. The MiG-15 was the first turbo-jet to be produced in China which was then followed by production of a basic MiG-17. This gave Chinese designers the experience they needed to create the JJ-5.  The design marries the forward airframe and the tandem cockpit of the MiG-15 trainer with the remaining parts being based on a MiG-17. The engine is also a Soviet design built under license. The aircraft uses Chinese designed semi automatic ejector seats.  The JJ-5 served as the advanced trainer for the Chinese air force, some were exported to Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania, and Tanzania.

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