Renault AMC 34

The Renault AMC 34 was a light tank designed to be more capable of combat than the earlier Renault AMR 33, with thicker armour and a more powerful main gun.

In 1931 the French Army defined three types of armoured vehicles for use with cavalry units. The most powerful of the three types was the Auto-mitrailleuse de combat, expected to be a tracked vehicle capable of fighting enemy tanks and supporting the lighter AMR reconnaissance vehicles.

The AMR 33 was a fast reconnaissance vehicle, with a top road speed of 40mph, a crew of two and armed with a 7.5mm machine gun in the main turret.

It was followed by the Renault YR, which was designed to fit the Auto-mitrailleuse de combat specification, for a more heavily armed and armoured vehicle. The YR had the same basic layout as the AMR 33, although it had a wider superstructure that extended out over the top of the tracks and moved the engine from the side to the rear (the same was done on the Renault AMR 35). It used the same suspension system as the AMR 33, although in a much stronger version. There were four road wheels on each side, all carried on bell cranks. The middle two were paired in a 'scissors' configuration. Suspension was provided by three horizontal springs, one each for the front and rear wheels and a single one between the two wheels in the 'scissors'. The Renault R35 infantry tank used a similar system, but with five road wheels on each side,

The prototype used a Renault FT turret with a 37mm gun, but production vehicles had a new APX-2 turret which carried a 25mm gun and a coaxial 7.5mm machine gun. 

Twelve trial vehicles were ordered. Work then moved onto the Renault ACG 1, which was ordered into production as the AMC 35.

The AMC 34 entered service in 1935 and was still in use in 1940, but it wasn't entirely satisfactory and was quickly followed by the Renault AMC 35. All twelve of the AMC 34s were moved to Tunisia in 1937.

Production: 12
Hull Length: 13.08ft
Hull Width: 6.76ft
Height: 7.5ft
Crew: 3
Weight: 10.8 tons
Engine: 120hp Renault 4-cylinder gasoline engine
Max Speed: 25mph
Armament: 25mm gun and coaxial 7.5mm machine gun
Armour: 20mm max

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