Polikarpov Ivanov

The Polikarpov Ivanov was a design for a two-seat reconnaissance aircraft and lighter bomber, produced as an entry in a design competition intended to produce a replacement for Polikarpov's own R-5.

The contest was initiated in 1936, and was given the code-name Ivanov after Stalin's telegraphic address. Polikarpov's design didn't appear until 1938, by which time the contest had already been won, and didn't enter production. The Ivanov was a low-wing single-engined monoplane, powered by the 830mph M-62 engine. It was armed with four fixed forward firing SkHAS machine guns, a BS (or UBT) machine gun in a dorsal turret at the rear end of the long greenhouse canopy and a ventral SkKAS gun. The prototype was tested between February and August 1938, with an official test flight by T P Suzi on 3 August 1938. It was followed by a second prototype, powered by an M-63R engine. This probably made its maiden flight in May 1939. No further Polikarpov Ivanovs were produced.

The contest was officially won by the KhAI-5, which entered production as the R-10 reconnaissance aircraft. This was not a successful design, and a second aircraft, the ANT-51/ Su-2, also entered production. This was originally designed as the Tupolev ANT-51, but after his arrest was redesigned by Sukhoi, entering production as the BB-1 short distance bomber, before being redesignated as the Su-2.

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