Polikarpov I-11

The Polikarpov I-11 is one of the more obscure Soviet aircraft designs of the 1930s. It is described in Vaclav's Nemecek's 'History of Soviet aircraft from 1918' as having been a design for a biplane that was to be powered by the in-line Mikulin M-34 engine of 750mhp. The design was produced during 1932-33, a period for which few records survive. The M-34 was a Soviet designed 12 cylinder inline V water cooled engine that was created to replace the M-17, a licence built version of the BMW VI engine that had been used on the Polikarpov I-3. It eventually became a very successful engine, but in 1932-33 was suffered from serious development problems, which may have been the reason this project didn't make any progress.

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