Pfalz D.XIV

The Pfalz D.XIV was a version of the Pfalz D.XII using a 200hp Benz engine, but offered little improvement over the earlier aircraft, so production was cancelled after only a handful had been completed.

Pfalz D.XIV from the Front
Pfalz D.XIV from the Front

The Pfalz D.XII was the last Pfalz fighter to enter mass production. It was powered by a 160hp Mercedes engine, with a nose radiator, which had caused some development problems. Its biggest advantage was the use of SPAD type twin bay biplane wings which were stronger than the Nieuport type sesquiplane wings used on the Pfalz D.III, and reduced the risk of wing failures during rapid manoeuvres and dives. However it entered service in the summer of 1918, several months after the superior Fokker D.VII, and although around 800 were built never gained a positive reputation.

The Pfalz D.XIV was given the more powerful 200hp Benz Bz.IVu engine. This was also heavier than the Mercedes, so the wings were extended by one meter. An order for fifty aircraft was placed in April 1918, at the same time as the first order for the D.XII. However in tests the D.XIV proved to be disappointing. The heavier engine and longer wings almost eliminated any advantages from the more powerful engine. Like the D.XII it was originally built with a radiator using vertical tubes, but these proved ineffective in warmer weather, delaying production.

The D.XIV underwent its type tests at Adlershof in July 1918. However the Benz engine was also needed for the two seat LVG C.VI and Halberstadt C.V, so production of the D.XIV was cancelled after a handful of machines had been built.

Engine: Benz Bz.IVu
Power: 200hp
Crew: 1
Span: 10m (upper), 9.15m (lower)
Length: 6.32m
Height: 2.70m
Loaded weight: 1,032kg
Maximum take-off weight:
Max speed: 190km/ hr
Climb Rate: 24.2min to 5,000m
Service ceiling:
Armament: Two machine guns
Bomb load:


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