Nieuport 82

The Nieuport 82 was a basic trainer based on the Nieuport 14 observation aircraft.

The Nieuport 82 was based on the two-seat twin-bay Nieuport 14, an observation aircraft and bomber that was produced in small numbers. As with all entries in the Nieuport 80 family of trainers the Nieuport 82 was powered by a 80hp Le Rhône rotary engine. The Nieuport 82 had dual controls and anti-turnover wheels mounted ahead of the main wheels. It was originally designated as the Type 'Ecole', but this was some time before it actually entered production.

The Nieuport 82 was the first aircraft used by pupils at the French flying school at Pau, for their basic training. Its large wingspan, dual controls and anti-turnover wheels made it safer than the other entries in the training family.

Although the type wasn't used by the Japanese military (unlike the Nieuport 80, 81 or 83), a single example did end up on the Japanese civil register.

Engine: Le Rhône
Power: 80hp
Crew: 2
Span: 25ft 9in
Length: 25.9ft
Height: 8.8ft
Loaded weight: 1,544ft

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