Nakajima Ki-116

The Nakajima Ki-116 was the last variant of the Nakajima Ki-84 Army Type 4 fighter to reach the prototype stage. It differed from the Ki-84 in the chose of engine, using a 1,500hp Mitsubishi [Ha-33] 62 (Ha-112-11) engine. This reduced the weight of the aircraft by 1,000lb, which more than made up for the drop in power from the 1,900hp Nakajima Ha-45 normally used in the Ki-84. A single prototype was produced, and was undergoing tests at the end of the war.

Engine: Mitsubishi [Ha-33] 62 (Ha-112-11)
Power: 1,500hp at take off, 1,350hp at 6,560ft, 1,250hp at 5,800ft
Span: 36ft 10 7/16th in
Height: 111ft 3 13/16th in
Empty weight: 4,938lb
Loaded weight: 7,039lb

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