Nakajima Ki-113

The Nakajima Ki-113 was a version of the Nakajima Ki-84 Army Type 4 fighter produced with a number of steel components in an attempt to reduce the demand for light alloys. The Ki-113 had a carbon steel cockpit, ribs and bulkheads and a steel sheet skin. A prototype Ki-113 was actually built early in 1945, but was far too heavy and never took to the air.

Engine: Nakajima Ha-45 21
Power: 1,990hp at take off, 1,850hp at 5,740ft
Span: 36ft 10 7/16th in
Length: 32ft 6 9/16th in
Height: 11ft 1 1/4in
Empty weight: 6,349lb
Loaded weight:

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