Morane-Saulnier Type LA

The Morane-Saulnier Type LA was an improved version of the Type L parasol wing reconnaissance aircraft and saw service with the French air service and the RFC during 1915.

The Type L was a pre-war design that was taken into French service in August 1914 and produced in large numbers. It was a slab sided parasol winged two-seater with a cross-axle undercarriage with large V-struts and a small tail unit.

The Type LA was similar to the earlier aircraft. It retained the slab sided fuselage and parasol wing. It used the same under carriage as late production Type Ls, with modified V-struts with an almost vertical front strut. The tail was modified - on late production Type Ls there was a small vertical fin, rudder and horizontal controls.

On the Type LA this was replace with a larger long and low triangular shaped tail, with the rudder continuing the shape of the triangle but also continuing slightly below the fuselage. The Type LA was a little faster than the Type L, and was normally armed with a single .303in machine gun in the observer's position. The biggest change was probably the use of aileron controls in place of the wing warping system used on the Type L.

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