Morane-Saulnier Type AFH

The Morane-Saulnier Type AFH was an amphibious version of the Type AF biplane, designed to be used from the deck of French warships. The Type AF was Morane-Saulnier's first biplane fighter, and was a conventional biplane with excellent manoeuvrability and a good top speed for the time of 129mph, but it was outperformed by the contemporary parasol wing Type AI and was not significantly better than the SPAD S.XIII, which was then in production.

The Type AFH was produced in November 1917. The undercarriage was replaced with a wide pontoon style float (8ft wide and 4ft 8 2/3in long) and a small tail float. Normal wheels were built into the main float. The aircraft could be launched from the deck of a ship or from land, and could land on water. The Type AFH underwent some flight testing, but wasn't put into production.

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