Martin P3M flying boat

The Martin P3M flying boat was the production version of the aircraft that had first been developed as the Consolidated XPY-1. The XPY-1 had been built by Consolidated to a US Navy design, but the Glenn L. Martin Company had out-bid them for the production contract.

Although Martin then produced the XP2M prototype, which carried its engines in nacelles mounted on the leading edge of the wings, the production P3M reverted to the design used on the XPY-1, with the engines mounted between the fuselage and the parasol wing. The P3M was very similar in size and shape to both the XPY and the Consolidated P2Y that would follow.

Only nine P3Ms were produced – three P3M-1s powered by two 450hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340-39 engines and six P3M-2s powered by 525hp R-1690-32 engines. The P3M had a short operational life before being relegated to training and utility duties after the appearance of the much superior P2Y.

Crew: 4-5
Engine: Two Pratt & Whitney R-1690-32 Hornets
Power: 525hp
Width: 100ft
Length: 49ft 2in*
Height: 16ft 8in
Empty Weight: 9,903lb
Gross Weight: 15,559lb
Range: 1,570 miles
Armament: Two .30in machine guns in flexible mounts.

* The P3M is often said to have been 61ft long, but this lower figure comes from the US Navy's own Naval Historical Center


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