Loening OA-2

The Loening OA-2 amphibian was a version of the OA-1 that was powered by a Wright V-1460-1 Tornado engine. The OA-1 was an unusual aircraft, with a single central float build directly under the main fuselage and wingtip floats for stability. The OA-1 was powered by a Liberty engine and was produced in four different versions for the US Army. The OA-2 was based on the XOA-1A, itself based on the OA-1A, the second version of the aircraft (following the COA-1). It was powered by a Wright V-1460-1 Tornado engine and had the rounded tail of the OA-1A.

The OA-2 combined the Wright Tornado engine with the more angular tail introduced on the OA-1C (and also used on the Navy's OL-6 and later models). Only eight were built, and they were used by the 91st Reconnaissance Squadron (c.1930-36) and the 99th Observation Squadron (during some of the period c.1928-36).

Engine: Wright V-1460-1 Tornado
Power: 480hp
Crew: 2

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