Lockheed XRO-1 Altair

The Lockheed XRO was the designation given to one Lockheed Altair, which became the first aircraft with a fully retractable undercarriage to be used by the US Navy.

The Lockheed Altair was originally produced after Charles Lindbergh asked the company to produce an alternative set of wings with a retractable undercarriage for his Lockheed Sirius. Lindbergh then chose not to use the new wings, so the company fitted them to one of their own Sirius 8As, to produce the first Altair. The resulting aircraft was a low winged monoplane, with an enclosed cockpit about half way back along the fuselage, capable of carrying two people (pilot and one other).

The XRO was delivered to the Navy in October 1931, and was used as the personal transport for the Assistant Secretary of the navy, replacing a Curtiss XO2C. It had a metal fuselage and was based on the Model DL-2A. It was only used for two years, and was then placed into storage.

Crew: 2
Engine: One Wright R-1820E Cyclone
Power: 645hp
Wing span: 42ft 10in
Length: 27ft 6in
Height: 9ft 6in
Empty weight: 3,235lb
Gross weight: 5,193lb
Maximum speed: 209mph
Cruising speed: 175mph
Climb rate: 9.4min to 7,000ft
Service ceiling: 23,800ft
Normal range: 580 miles

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