Kawanishi K6K1 Experimental 11-Shi Intermediate Seaplane Trainer

The Kawanishi K6K1 Experimental 11-Shi Intermediate Seaplane Trainer was an unsuccessful attempt to produce a new trainer to replace the Yokosuka K5Y ‘Willow’ Type 93 Intermediate Seaplane Trainer and Kawanishi E7K 'Alf' Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane .

On 12 February 1937 the Japanese Navy asked Watanabe and Kawanishi to each produce a new trainer, powered by a Kotobuki engine, to act as a high-performance intermediate-level trainer. Kawanishi had some experience working on the K5Y2 and E7K2 and took just over a year to produce the first prototype.

The K6K1 was a twin-float biplane powered by an air cooled Kotobuki 2-kai-1 engine. It had a metal framework with a fabric covering, and two open cockpits.

The first prototype made its maiden flight on 30 April 1938 and went to the Japanese navy in July. All three prototypes had been delivered by October 1938, but the design turned out to have significant flaws. Over a year was spent trying to improve the design, but without success. In January 1940 the Navy officially abandoned work on both the Kawanishi K6K1 and the Watanabe K6W1. Work them moved onto an upgraded version of the Yokosho Navy Type 93 Intermediate Seaplane Trainer. This design was accepted but never entered production and the Navy struggled on with the K5Y1 and K5Y2 until 1945.

Engine: Kotobuki 2-kai-1 nine-cylinder air-cooled engine
Power: 460-580hp
Crew: 2
Span: 40ft 0.25in
Length: 30ft 6in
Height: 13ft 1.5in
Empty weight: 2,866lb
Loaded weight: 3,968lb
Max speed: 144mph
Service ceiling: 11min to 9,843ft
Endurance: 6 hours

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