Junkers Ju 488

The Junkers Ju 488 was a four engined heavy bomber that was under development in Germany during 1944. It was not designed to function as an “America Bomber”, not having the range to reach across the Atlantic, but rather to be a quick to develop heavy bomber that could at least take the war to Britain.

The new aircraft was to be created from parts of existing Junkers aircraft. The forward fuselage, cabin and outer wings came from the Ju 388 and the tail and mid-section from the Ju 288. A new inner wing was needed to carry the third and fourth engines, and the fuselage would need extending, but Junkers had plenty of experience of stretching their existing aircraft.

The first two prototypes were constructed in Toulouse. In July 1944 they were destroyed by the French Resistance while being transported to Bernburg for final production. Four more prototypes were built, with a modified fuselage and Jumo 222A engines. These were expected to have a top speed of around 428mph, a range of 2,795 miles and a bomb load of 11,020lb/ 5000kg. Work was cancelled on the Ju 488 in November 1944. Early in 1945 Japan arranged to produce the aircraft under licence, but no aircraft were produced.

Stats (Third prototype, estimated)
Engine: 4 x Junkers Jumo 222 A/B-3
Horsepower: 2,500
Span: 102ft 8.5in
Length: 76ft 2.5in
Max Speed: 428 mph
Ceiling: 37,230ft
Range: 2,795 miles
Bomb load: 11,020lb/ 5000kg
Armament: FDL 151Z dorsal turret and FDL 151Z tail turret

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