Junkers Ju 288

The Ju288 was designed as a successor to the versatile Ju88 and was already in the initial design stages at the outbreak of World War II, being a response to a specification issued in July 1939 for a pressurized bomber of advanced design, with a maximum speed over 400mph (645kph) that could carry 1,102lbs (500kg) of bombs over 3,355 miles (5,400km). It had a forward fuselage similar to the Ju188 with twin fins and rudders but was otherwise a separate programme that was cancelled in mid-1943. The story of the programme was one of a series of technical problems on the one hand and continual requests for redesign on the other. As an example, the original wing span was designed to be 51ft 6in (15.7m) but the final variant measured 74ft 4in (22.65m). A total of twenty-two prototypes were built and flown, of which seventeen crashed during testing, however the final reason for the cancellation in mid-1943 was the shortages of raw materials and a reluctance to affect already established programmes by introducing a new one at a critical stage in the war.

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