Hawker Hunter T. Mark 8

The Hawker Hunter T.Mark 8 was a dual-control trainer produced for the Royal Navy for use from land bases. It differed from the standard T.Mark 7 in having naval radio equipment and an arrestor hook under the rear fuselage. This was not stressed for carrier landings, but was intended for use with emergency gear fitted in Naval airfields.

The first T.8 was produced by modified a standard Hunter F.Mark 4 (WW664), giving it the two-seat nose of the T.7. This made its maiden flight on 3 March 1958, and was followed by ten newly built T.8s and seventeen converted F.4s (the order was for eighteen conversions to be carried out in 1958-59, but that included the prototype). The first new-built T.8 was delivered on 1 May 1958, and lost during a low-level roll only five days later. 

In the mid 1960s the Navy began to introduce the Tactical Air Navigation (TACAN) system, and in 1963 placed an order for four T.Mark 8B aircraft, to be equipped with full TACAN equipment. The first of the four was produced by converting the original T.8 prototype, while the other three were converted F.4s). The first four aircraft were followed by eleven T.Mark 8Cs which were equipped with partial TACAN equipment. The first of these was a modified T.8, while the remaining ten were converted F.4s. This gave a total of 41 Hunter T.Mark 8s. All of the TACAN aircraft had the single Aden cannon and the gun range radar removed.

The standard T.8 was used to equip Nos.738, 759 and 764 Squadrons of the Fleet Air Arm. The TACAN equipped aircraft remained in service for the longest - three were still in use in 1980 when they were converted to a new T.8M standard and used to train Sea Harrier pilots in the use of the Blue Fox radar. 

Engine: Rolls Royce Avon Mk.122 (R.A.21) turbojet
Power: 7,550lb thrust
Crew: 2
Wing span: 33ft 8in
Length: 48ft 10.5in
Height: 13ft 2in
Empty Weight: 13,360lb
Maximum Weight: 17,200lb
Max Speed: 694mph at sea level; Mach 0.92 at 36,000ft;
Climb rate: 12.5 minutes to 45,000 feet
Service Ceiling: 47,000ft
Range: 1,900 miles with tanks
Armament: One 30mm Aden cannon
Bomb-load: Capable of carrying stores on four under-wing pylons

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