Hawker Hunter T. Mark 77

The Hawker Hunter T.Mark 77 was the designation given to two two-seat trainers purchased by Abu Dhabi in 1970. These aircraft had been purchased alongside a number of single-seat Mark 76s which were used to build up Abu Dhabi's own air force after the RAF withdrew from the area, leaving the smaller Gulf States feeling vulnerable to pressure from their larger neighbours. The two T.77s were former Dutch T.7s that were updated to more modern standards before being delivered in 1970-71.

The two T.77s served with No.8 Squadron at Sharjah until 1975, when Sultan Qaboos gave them to Jordan to help replace aircraft destroyed in various conflicts with Israel. Later that year Jordan gave all of its Hunters to Oman. Eventually at least one of the T.77s found its way from Oman to Somalia.  

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