Hawker Hunter Mark 73

The Hawker Hunter Mark 73 was the designation given to a number of F.G.A.9 standard aircraft ordered by Jordan to replace earlier aircraft lost during the Six Day War. Jordan had originally operated a number of standard Hunter F.Mk 6s, but all but two of these aircraft had been destroyed by Israeli pre-emptive strikes at the start of the Six Day War.

Jordan placed three four orders for replacement aircraft. The first was for two Mark 73s, to be delivered in June 1968. The second and third were both for Mark 73As. Four were to be delivered in May-July 1969 and nine in June-December 1971. At the same time the fourth order was placed, for three Mark 73Bs to be delivered in June-November 1971.

These aircraft were all updated to the F.G.A.9 standard, and served until 1974 when they were replaced by the Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter. Jordan was also given a number of aircraft by Abu Dhabi, passing them on to Oman during 1975.

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