Hawker Hunter T. Mark 69

The Hawker Hunter T.Mark 69 was a two-seat trainer sold to Iraq in the mid-1960s, after an improvement in relations between Iraq and the western world. Friendly relations had existed until King Faisal II had been overthrown by a left-wing Army led coup in July 1958. Brigadier General Abdul Karim Qassim, the leader of the coup, was seen as dangerously close to Moscow, and aircraft sales came to an end.

In February 1963 Qassim was overthrown by Colonel Abdul Salam Arif, and sales soon resumed. Big orders were placed for the Hunter Mark 59, and at the same time two orders were placed for two-seat training aircraft with the designation T.Mark 69. The first was for three aircraft to be delivered in 1963-4, the second was for two to be delivered in 1965. These aircraft were powered by the 'big' Avon Mk.207 engine and armed with two 30mm Aden cannon.

Engine: Rolls Royce Avon Mk.203 or Mk.207 (R.A.28)
Power: 10,000lb thrust
Crew: 2
Wing span: 33ft 8in
Length: 48ft 10.5in
Height: 13ft 2in
Empty Weight: 13,580lb
Loaded Weight: 17,420lb
Maximum Weight: 24,500lb
Max Speed: 704mph at sea level, Mach 0.93 at 36,000ft
Service Ceiling: 48,900ft
Climb Rate: 10.2 minutes to 45,000ft
Armament: two 30mm Aden cannon
Bomb-load: Capability to carry payload on four pylons under wings

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