Hawker Hunter Mark 12

The Hawker Hunter Mark 12 was the designation given to a single two-seat trainer that was produced as an instrument trainer for the TSR-2, but that like that aircraft never entered production. It was also the only large Avon engined two-seater to see service with the RAF, and was converted from a standard F.Mark 6. As well as the two-seat cockpit it was given a large vertical survey camera for use with a terrain following system, and a head-up display. It was delivered to the R.A.E. at Farnborough on 8 March 1963 and remained in use until it crashed on take-off at Farnborough on17 March 1982. Although the TSR-2 never appeared, the Hunter Mark 12 provided useful information that was used on the Hawker Siddeley Harrier. 

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