Hawker P.1035

The Hawker P.1035 was a design for a jet fighter based on the Hawker Fury and powered by the Rolls-Royce B.41 jet engine. Prior to the P.1035 Hawker Aircraft had been too busy with the Hurricane, Tempest and Typhoon to devote much effort to the emerging field of jet aircraft, but in the autumn of 1944 they received the first details of the new Rolls-Royce B.41 jet engine (better known as the Nene).

Hawkers decided to produce a design for a version of the F.2/43 Fury powered by the new jet engine. The P.1035 was based on the P.1026 Rolls-Royce Griffon powered Fury. The piston engine was removed and the cockpit moved forward into its place. The engine was to be mounted behind the cockpit, with lateral air intakes on the side of the fuselage and a split tailpipe that emerged under the rudder. The original elliptical wings of the Fury were retained.

The P.1035 design was submitted to the Air Staff in November 1944, but was a short-lived design. In December 1944 it was replaced by the P.1040, which introduced a bifurcated exhaust pipe that allowed the outflows to be placed just aft of the wing roots, shortening the length of the pipe and reducing the loss of thrust. This also allowed the air intakes to be placed in the wing roots. The P.1040 would lead directly to the Sea Hawk, Hawker's first successful jet fighter.

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