Focke-Wulf Fw 190E

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190E may have been a designation for a dedicated reconnaissance version of the aircraft, but none were produced under that designation.

A number of reconnaissance versions of the Fw 190 were produced, including the A-3/U4, A-4/U4 and A-5/U4. The U4 kit involved installing two Rb 12.5/7 x9 cameras in the lower aft fuselage (other cameras could also be used, including the Rb 20/30, Rb 50/30 or Rb 75/30). Some were also give a Robot-type 35mm camera in the port wing leading edge.

At one point the Fw 190A-7 was to have been a dedicated reconnaissance version, while the A-8 was to be an up-gunned version of the basic fighter. The urgent need for better fighters meant that this plan was cancelled, and the A-7 became the up-gunned fighter and the A-8 a more advanced version. This is the point at which the designation Fw 190E-1 might have been given to the dedicated reconnaissance version, but if so none were produced. The same letter was later used for the Ta 152E reconnaissance aircraft, which did at least reach the prototype stage. 

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